Professional chair massage 

for offices & events

Good Karma is Good for Business.

Job stress is costly, with a price tag for U.S. businesses of over $300 billion annually due to increased absenteeism, employee turnover, diminished productivity, medical, legal and insurance expenses, and Workers’ Compensation payments.*


What makes companies successful? In the final analysis, it’s the people. Helping your employees and your customers feel valued and less stressed will help them — and help your bottom line. 

While our core mission is to reduce job stress, elevate performance and boost workplace productivity, our larger mission is to empower people to achieve their own goals and to take charge of their own health and wellbeing.

Whether at your office or at a special event, our licensed massage therapists are dedicated to helping you help your employees and customers by providing a valuable and appreciated service that can be easily scheduled and managed.



20 Days

Average number of days workers who must take time off work because of stress, anxiety, or a related disorder will be off
the job.


of workers routinely find that they end the day with work-related neck pain.


invested in health and wellness programs can save $3.48 in health care costs and $5.82
in losses due to absenteeism.

3 out of 4

visits to the doctor are for stress-related and stress-induced illnesses.


of employees view their jobs as the number one stressor in their lives.

On-site chair massage in the workplace is a simple and cost-effective way to manage stress for companies worldwide. The positive effects of massage provide lasting results and contribute to the well-being of the entire company.

Chair massage for events is also an innovative way to increase attendance and promote your trade-show, meeting, or convention. 


  • Therapists are insured and fully licensed.

  • We provide all necessary equipment. All you need to provide is a quiet room on-site.

  • Clients remain fully clothed, and we use no oils or lotions.
  • We offer massage in 10-, 15-, or 20-minute increments to fit your schedule, or extended appointment times can be arranged.

  • Gift certificate and incentive gift plans are available.

Reward employees and reduce stress in your office with on-site chair massage programs.


Build attendance at  fundraisers and events with massage and wellness programs.


With nearly 20 years of experience presenting to, enrolling, and informing employees about their health benefits, Massage for Good founder and licensed massage therapist Kevin Boivin understands that business success is enhanced by a fully engaged, happy, and healthy workforce. While employee benefits and massage therapy may seem to be an odd mix, Kevin has discovered that massage therapy as a stress reduction technique is a unique and effective way to engage people and employees and help position them to reach their goals.

Meet Kevin Boivin, LMT

MFG Founder and LEad Therapist

  • Event massage is a way to create more sales and to promote wellness at events.

  • Event massage can increase traffic, extend the amount of time your audience spends at your booth or event.

  • Massage services help create a sense of relaxation, well being, and positive energy, and help promote positive brand interactions.

  • Massage for Good also offers expanded wellness programs for employees and events.

* Source: The American Institute of Stress





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